• "I can play a more active role to contribute my knowledge and thinking about how a modern university should be."
    米起兮 Mi Qixi
    Mi QixiAssistant Professor, PI, SPSTMy name is Qixi Mi and I’m currently an assistant professor and principal investigator at SPST, ShanghaiTech. My research is about new semiconducting materials, for example those for next-gen solar cells and conversion between light and electricity.Because this is a new university, so there are less existing rules or conventional framework and I can decide a lo...
  • "If students want to get into a lab, they will always find a lab that will welcome them to join."
    钱乐琛 Qian LeChen
    96Normal0falsefalsefalseEN-USZH-CNX-NONE96Normal0falsefalsefalseEN-USZH-CNX-NONE  I'm LeChen Qian. My major is Life Science.In my sophomore year I started the first iGEM team. iGEM competition is a competition for students to do the crazy ideas in their mind, to build some fantastic things in biology, so that's why we want to make this team at ShanghaiTech. We recruited 31 studen...
  • “We're the innovators, we're the foundation of the university.”
    丁鹏 Ding Peng
    Hi I’m Ding Peng, I’m a senior student in SIST, major in computer science.Geek Pie is a tech-oriented association led by students and operated by students. Almost every year almost every Hackathon will see some teams from Geek Pie. You will find the room 203 is always open and the lights never turn off during the night, especially during the final time. You can even sleep here. You can easily fi...